The vision of HPFC is to be a culturally diverse body of believers, daily walking in victory via the manifested power of God while effecting social change and individual transformation: spiritually, culturally, academically, politically, socially, and economically.
Spiritually, through preaching, teaching, evangelism, and true discipleship via relevant church ministries.
Culturally, by raising the morality in our communities by living our lives as Christ’s servants. Practical ministry outgrowth characterized by ministries in the marketplace.
Academically, by educating our children and teens in a Bible-based, academically motivated environment. In addition, raising up a new generation of ministers via a school of ministry.
Politically, by actively pursuing and participating in effecting change in our government through voting, grass roots, and lobbying.
Socially, by assisting individuals to possess their purpose by unlocking their potential and participating in life versus watching life.
Economically, by empowering individuals in the community through entrepreneurship, community activism, and participation.
Building familes while bridging the gap between the Church and the community.